Sailing trip: 10th -11th of October, Rolle

Historic MoT sailing trip:  7th edition

Dear Alumni and current MoT students,

it’s about time for our 7th edition of the Historic annual MoT sailing trip!

The aim of this event as usual is to have fun, to have some interesting conversations with fellow Alumni and current MoT students, and learn basic sailing skills in a relaxed environment.

What will we do? Sail to Rolle on a few sailing boats provided by the Alumni Association and have dinner. If you cannot sail with us, you can also join directly at the restaurant! Apero at 20:00 will be offered to you while waiting for the boats to join (expected time 8:30PM and 9PM)

Dinner at: Restaurant du Casino Famille Vuillemier Rue du Port 15 – CH-1180 Rolle +4121 825 14 40 –

Time of departure: we have boats leaving from Geneva and from Lausanne. From St Soulpice, meeting time is 17:15 to accommodate the class schedule of new students. For Geneva, time of departure is left to Skippers’ discretion. Boats should be at Rolle around 9-ish pm.

Program: 10 October

  • 17:15 Meeting at St Sulpice Harbor. The earlier we set off sailing the better!
  • 20:00 Apero offered by MoT AA, at Restaurant du Casino Famille Vuillemier Rue du Port 15, Rolle (especially for those that join by car or train, while waiting for the sailors)
  • 21:00 Dinner at Restaurant du Casino (around 40 CHF per person)

After dinner plans

Option A: Early escape back

We are purposely having this even in Switzerland in order to accommodate local transportation. So you can easily catch the train back home or have someone pick you up by car.

Option B: Sleep on the boats

For those of you that are nostalgic of those sleepless nights on a boat... and want to re-live it, Andre will be sleeping in Rolle and sailing back on Sunday, maybe Donnie as well.

Option C: Wine tasting on the lake

Put on automatic pilot, set the boat at cruising speed 3 knots, and make our way nicely back to Geneva while savoring some wine.

If you want to participate:

  1. Choose a boat or other transportation
  2. Register on doodle specifying your transportation.


  1. If you selected a boat: give a call to the skipper to say Hallo and provide your contact details

Depending on number of participants, we can organize more boats leaving from St-Sulpice (EPFL), that is why if you want to leave by boat form the EPFL, you need to register by the 1st of October! Otherwise you are welcome to join at the restaurant!

Boat selection

Boat 1 / Plastivela GURA

Untitled1Boat description: if you want to party, this is the boat!
Skipper: Stefanos Konandreas                          
Capacity (with skipper): 6 people
Meeting: Port Wilson (Genève) GPS location 46.212297, 6.153865
Mobile: +41 76 693 38 06

 Boat 2 / Yingling Olympic

Untitled2Boat description: Formerly an Olympic class boat, this beauty has just been restored to its glory day conditions. This boat is equipped with an engine but the goal of the captain is to make it to Rolle by sail

Skipper: Stefanos Konandreas
Capacity (with skipper): 4 people
Meeting: Port Wilson (Genève) GPS location 46.212297, 6.153865
Mobile: +41 76 693 38 06

Boat 3 / Neptune 29

Untitled3Boat description: 9 meter boat, just one more meter and this would fall in the YACHT category. Cigars, and single malt whisky are here..

Skipper: Donnie Mapanao
Capacity (with skipper): 6 people
Meeting: Quai Fleuri near Bateaux Genève GPS location 46.204522, 6.154175
Mobile: +41 78 684 41 80

Boat 4 / Alban 79

Untitled4Boat description: There is a common saying that you can judge a man from his boat, this applies to Sir. Andre.

Skipper: André Delafontaine
Departing point: St. Suplice GPS location 46.516983, 6.578251
Mobile: +41 79 374 08 15


Checklist for what to bring for the boat trip

o   Good attitude
o   Music (in digital format)
o   Day beverages (beer)
o   Night beverages (wine)
o   Day food (chips)
o   Night food (more chips)
o   Light raincoat (these mountains have rain on them)
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