MoT Sailing Trip – 17th of September Lutry

Dear Alumni the weekend of the 17th of September = the Historic annual MoT sailing trip


The aim of this event as usual is…

  • have fun

  • network

  • learn basic sailing skills

  • see Jean Micol

  • eat some mega good burgers at “non stop lutry” on Saturday evening.

Checklist for what to bring for the boat trip

  • Good attitude

  • Music (in digital format)

  • Day beverages (beer)

  • Night beverages (wine)

  • Day food (chips)

  • Night food (more chips)

  • A sleeping bag and toiletry

  • Light raincoat (these mountains have rain on them)

Meeting points and basic trip information

Boat 1 / Plastivela GURA

Boat description: if you want to party this is the boat for you.

Skipper: Stefanos Konandreas

Capacity (with skipper): 6 people

Meeting: Port Wilson (Genève) GPS location 46.212297, 6.153865

Mobile: +41 76 693 38 06


Boat 2 / Neptune 29

Boat description: if you really want to party this is the boat for you..

Skipper: Donnie Mapanao

Capacity (with skipper): 6 people

Meeting: Eaux vives (Genève) GPS location 46.204522, 6.154175

Mobile: +41 78 684 41 80


Boat 3 / Alban 28

Boat description: If you want to do boot sailing camp try sailing on this boat, you will be given a captain’s licence upon arrival at Lutry…

Skipper: André Delafontaine

Departing point: Confirm with Andre 46.511100, 6.607099

M obile: +41 79 374 08 15



For non-sailors there is always the CAR option

You can park near the burger place and join us; we will be there from 8 pm

IMPORTANT: if you want to come along on this trip you have to contact a skipper and organize yourself with them.

Skippers have been trained to entertain and maintain safety on board the sailing vessels


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