General Assembly 2016

MoT Alumni Associa&on
General Assembly 2016
November 8 th , 2016

  • Overview of 2015-2016
  • Financial statements and Audit report
  • Overview of the year to come
  • Election of Executive Committee 2016-2017
  • Election of financial auditor

You can download the document here: MoT_GA_2016_final

CORE ROLES Names Tasks
President Aurore Bouvier Overall coordination
Vice-President Giulia Stefani Communication, monthly apéro in Lausanne
General Secretary Grace Ambassador network, class reunions
Financial Officer Damien Douchet Budget approval and transactions
Webmaster Gabriel Klein Support to monthly board call
Event coordinator Christoph Bünger Zurich Event, monthly apero in Zurich
Event officer André Delafontaine sailing trip
Event Officer Stefanos Konandreas sailing trip, apero nights Geneva
Event Officer Donnie Mapanao sailing trip, apero nights Geneva
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