MoT Class Reunions

MoT Class Reunions welcome

We are ready to hold the next round of Class Reunions for our Alumni Members in 2016.

In the past editions, MoT Classes from 1998 to 2010 have met and shared memories of the hard study days, which are long over!

We will now welcome Class of 2011 to join this memorable event in 2016.



What are the next steps?

We will select a date in 2016, then:

  • We will select location, program and communicate the cost of the dinner per participant
  • We will ask you to pre-pay the event using the Association Paypal account or bank transfer
  • You will be asked to vote for your Class Ambassador 2011
  • You will receive all the Event Details….and have fun!

We are pleased to bring you together, you were a fantastic class which brought great ideas to the MoT program. We look forward to it.

Checkout the photos from the MoT2010 Class Reunion!