Program History

epfl_logo copyInnovation @ EPFL

As a business idea, the MoT program was initially thought of at EPFL based upon the following observations:

  • Innovations with potential for the creation of new enterprises or of new activities in existing corporations are often not fully developed and deployed.
  • The start-up of new enterprises or of new activities requires a team in which all members contribute their specialist expertise. However, in order for the team to be effective, everyone must also have competences in the other team-members’ fields.
  • Due to a lack of understanding or knowledge of the market and of the societal, cultural and international environment, innovation deployment strategies must be very wisely developed.

Potential synergies with the University of Lausanne, HEC Faculty, were quickly considered. Thus the program was designed and launched within 9 months under the label of “Postgraduate Program in Management of Technology – (MoT)”, with the subtitle: ~ A Joint Program Targeting Innovation and Entrepreneurship ~. One year long, it included a 5 week period at the University of Texas at Austin thanks to the HEC network. First edition started in January 1998 with a class size of 27 participants, 27 pioneers.

IMG_0214The honeycomb layout was used from the beginning on the MoT brochures and in year 2000 the MoT logo was introduced.

Overtime the name of the program evolved to Executive Master in Management of Technology – MoT

However, the MBA acronym being such a worldwide passport, the program became, in 2006, an Executive MBA in Management of Technology, also known as the MoT Executive MBA. To be compatible with the norm of the Executive MBA, it became 16 months long. It was done in combination with the launch by HEC of its Executive MBA in Corporate Finance.

hec_lausanneIn 2008, a new option: Innovation in Life Sciences was launched with the possibility to obtain an additional degree: the Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in Management of Biotech, Medtech & Pharma Ventures. It was felt that the MoT had to address such high potential domain.

In 2009, the 5 week period at the University of Texas at Austin, was replaced by a 2 weeks Study Trip in China (Beijing and Shanghai) with the collaboration of Peking University. It was felt that China was such high potential country that could no longer be ignored. The two rather than a 5 week duration was also more suitable for an Executive program.

In 2012, with the adjunction of a Study Trip in India (Bangalore and Mumbai), the Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) Doing Business in Asia was introduced.

All along those years, MoT Students and Graduates have created 60+ start-up, those that are well alive can be seen on: