What are the different Categories of memberships?

  • Passive member any person graduated with an MoT master, DAS/CAS or EMBA MoT becomes automatically an MoT passive member. If he/she has not paid the membership fee, he/she remains a passive member.
  • Active member- any person graduated with an MoT master, DAS/CAS or EMBA MoT who has contributed with the association’s yearly membership. An active member enjoys full benefits of the events organized by the association and much more.
  • Contributing member is an active member who has contributed to the MoT AA organisation with a financial donation or with his/her own time to help organise value added events.

How do I become an ACTIVE member?
If you have graduated with an MoT master, DAS/CAS or EMBA MoT, as soon as you submit your yearly membership fee of 50 CHF, you become an active member.

How do I pay my membership fee?
These are the details for the membership fee payment:

MoT AA Lausanne
Account CCP: 17-747224-4
IBAN: CH04 0900 0000 1774 7224 4

How long does my membership last?
The membership year starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st.

Can I join the committee or Board?
We welcome MoT Alumni who wish to join the managing Board. If you are interested, please contact the committee by email at info@mot-alumni.com.

Are the events free?
Most of the MoT AA events are free for the ACTIVE members. If an event is not free, the active members get a preferential rate over passive members or guests.

I have great event ideas I’d like to propose: who do I contact?
We welcome any ideas for future events. If you have one or several, please contact us at info@mot-alumni.com.

How can I update my personal details?
We collaborate with EPFL Alumni to keep out database clean. Go the the following page and follow the instructions: https://www.epflalumni.ch/directory/

How can I be informed of the different events organized by the association?
You have different possibilities:

  1. Visit this website
  2. Register to our LinkedIn Group
  3. Follow us on Twitter
  4. Register to the MoT EMBA Facebook Page
  5. Soon to come… the MoT App